Joe Plassmeyer, Mary White Plassmeyer's talented husband, penned the following last year.

I’ve done crazy things in the course of my life,
I swam in strange waters, cleaned my ears with a knife.
Did back flip, half-gainers from the end of a board,
Drove Hondas and Nissans instead of a Ford.
But my weirdest of deeds, should you give a gosh darn,
Was to drive across four states to stay in a barn.

It’s true, there were others afflicted the same,
Twelve souls who could hardly explain why they came.

There were Cora, Janelle, and Billie Marie Hayes
Who hauled in enough food to last fifteen days.

Mary came willingly after first being appalled
That we’d gather on Easter like she’d heard when Jim called.

Frankie drove from Norman, not terribly far,
But his Benz stayed in third gear the whole way, some car.

Bob came to bring corn cobs, the real dried out kind
So Lister’d have something to wipe his behind.

From Ticeland came lettuce and citrus, seven crates,
OD’d on vitamin C were all the classmates.

Wayland came mainly to bring something for Lister,
‘Twas a gadget from Darrell to pump up his pister.
He also brought dough and a funny machine
That pumped out more bread than we’d ever seen.

Sheila came late, though she caught up real fast
When we re-told our jokes and re-lived our past.

We sure did miss Eddie & Jimmy & Don,
There’s a big hole in our gatherings with each of them gone.

Don K made his chili, it tasted real nice
Once we’d chiseled the meat and removed all the ice.

Mary and Sigi came to show off the best
Of the results of their shopping across the Southwest.

Jim Bob did his hi-tech magic once more
Showing pictures of ourselves taken moments before.

Lister brought a spider with long hairy feet
To place in Joe’s bed beneath the top sheet.

So you see, there’s no grand purpose that caused us to gather
In a cow barn at Mo-Ranch in Texas, but rather
‘Twas real love for each other that brought us down there
And for planning the next year’s reunion somewhere.

Joe Plassmeyer   April 1999